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Charming Cheat Volume #5 Video (Martin A. Nash)

  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  • Also available on DVD (see below).

Original title: Award Winning Card Magic Volume #5

Martin A. Nash, who was one the most popular performers to appear at the Magic Castle's Close-Up showroom is also considered one of the most entertaining magicians with a deck of cards.

On this video you will experience his performing persona as "The Charming Cheat" and relish at his exceptional technical ability and flair for engaging presentations.

This volume is mostly a tutorial on advanced table card technique like false deals and shuffles.

Routines and techniques performed and explained:
Omni Twist: An Ace, two, three and four of a named suite are shown and a card is looked at and remembered by a spectator. The four cards now turn face up and face down and as a surprise ending one of the cards turns into the selection.
A Bottom Deal Tutorial: Martin discusses and teaches his favorite bottom deal techniques. You will learn the Push-Off Bottom Deal, the Strike Bottom Deal, the One-Handed Bottom Deal, and Sailing The Strike.
A Second Deal Tutorial: Martin discusses and teaches his favorite second deal techniques. You will learn the Strike Second Deal, Stud Second Deal, One-Hand Seconds, Slap Second, Longitudinal Second, and the Push-Off Second Deal.
A Center Deal Tutorial: Martin discusses and teaches his favorite center deal techniques.
A Multiple Shift Tutorial: Martin discusses and teaches his favorite tabled multiple shift techniques. You will learn how to control cards to the top, bottom and even under cover. He also teaches a method that doesn’t change the order of the deck.
A False Shuffle Tutorial: Martin discusses and teaches his favorite tabled false shuffles. You will learn the Pull-Through Shuffle and multiple shuffles and cuts variations. Includes some of Martin’s additional combination shuffles.
The Show-Off: A fancy gambling routine that utilizes the techniques explained throughout the video. It begins with you cutting to the four aces, a false dealing demonstration, a marked deck demonstration, and a poker deal where you end up with the four aces beating the spectator’s four kings. Martin uses this routine to practice all of his advanced techniques.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by A-1 MagicalMedia. Original release date: 2001. Running time: Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Martin A. Nash's Charming Cheat Volume #5 Video

Media Type Digital Lesson

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