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Maximum Impact Video (Gene Maze)

  • Difficulty Rating: ADVANCED
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD

This is your chance to watch Gene Maze perform and explain some of his more difficult routines and techniques. His trademark was simple effects with direct methods. This is part two of a two-part series of The Magic Of Gene Maze and features many of his more advanced routines. All the routines are performed by Gene Maze and then explained with Meir Yedid’s help.

This video is the sequel to Pure Deceptions. The material here uses some of the same techniques but is considered more advanced. We recommend you learn the magic in Pure Deceptions before attempting these.

Routines performed and explained:
►The Spectator Cuts The Aces:
A spectator cuts the deck into four piles. The top card of each pile is shown to be an Ace. Techniques explained: Multiple Switching Technique.
Aces To Queens: Four Aces change places with four random cards. As a kicker the four random cards have turned into the four Queens. Techniques explained: Block Deal Steal, Show Dropper Switch, Subtraction Move.
Through Thick And Thin: The four Queens penetrate through the center of the table one at a time into your waiting hand. The final Queen only goes part way when the card is shown to be partially blank with a cutout of the Queen missing. The cut out has gone through the table. Techniques explained: Scoop Load, Second Deal Lap.
Only An Illusion: From a shuffled deck the face card is turned face down. It then magically changes into the King of Hearts, King of Spades, King of Diamonds and then into the King of Clubs. Proving it was all an illusion the card changes back to its original identity. Techniques explained: Multiple Switching Technique.
Oil And Water: Three black cards are mixed with three red cards but separate into reds and blacks. They then remix themselves and for a finale all six cards are shown to be black. Techniques explained: Single Card, SlideUnder Switch, Bottom Lap.
Had To Be Your Card: A spectator removes five cards from a shuffled deck making sure that their selection is one of the five. You divine their selection explaining it had to be their card since the other four cards are Kings. Techniques explained: Key Card Location, Poker Fan Switch.
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: A selected card vanishes from between two kings to appear, face down in the center of the face up deck. Techniques explained: One-Handed Bottom Deal Switch, Utility Swipe.
Between The Slices: Three random cards are sandwiched face down between two face up cards. The face down cards, one at a time, change into duplicates of the selection. The top card then changes into the selection while all the other cards used turn into Queens. Techniques explained: Sandwich Switch, Kelly Dead Deck Steal, Pivot.
Pointer: A spectator slides out three cards from a shuffled deck. The cards are assembled as a pointer that is used to freely select a card. The card is shown to be a ten. The three cards that were used as a pointer are now also tens. Techniques explained: Packet Exchange, Basic Card Steal, Three To Four Switch, One-Handed SingleCard Switch.
Passing Through: Using two decks of cards, a red back and a blue back, the spectator removes a few from each. The two packets are shuffled through each other and upon spreading them again three cards are seen in each packet to have the opposite back color. The three cards in each packet are turned over and are seen to be exact duplicates. Techniques explained: Bottom Deal.

Produced by Meir Yedid Magic in 1992. Running time: Approximately one hour.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Gene Maze’s Maximum Impact

Media Type Digital Lesson

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