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Secret Sessions Video

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  • Also available on DVD (see below).

During the early 1990s Daryl and Bob Kohler took video equipment to several of the exclusive 4F (Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic) conventions and convinced many of the top close-up magicians in attendance to perform and teach one of their favorite creations. In addition the 4F attendees they also talked some of their friends to do the same. They originally released the magic on three video tapes. All of that footage is included on this extra-long video where you will learn some outstanding impromptu close-up magic.

The list of performers includes many of the best and most skilled close-up magicians in the world who were captured when they were at their best.

The video begins with Obie O’Brien telling the history of the 4F convention followed by some of the best magic you will ever see and learn in a single video collection.

Artists & Routines, Performed & Explained:
►Michael McGivern (Putting The Ends Back On):
A method for removing the ends of a rope and then putting them back on.
►Hippie Torrales (Leaning Tower Of Pasteboards): An impromptu deck suspension that does not use any gimmicks.
►Hiro Sakai (E-Z Tunnel): A selected card appears between two jokers as they are pushed through the deck.
►Amilkar Reiga (Open Prediction): A prediction is placed on the table and the spectator shuffles the deck. A number is named and the card at that location matches the prediction.
►Yuji Wada (Wada Wild Card): Four blank cards instantly change into duplicates of a selected card.
►John Bannon (Shake Well Before Using): A full deck oil and water routine where the 26 red cards stay on top no matter how you shuffle the deck. As a finale the cards are shown to be all mixed.
►Miguel Gomez (Flash Disappearance): Four face-up kings vanish from the top of the deck.
►Giovanni Livera (Digit Deceptions): Your finger is split in half in order to remove your ring.
►Lennart Green (Windmill Move): A flourishy color change that can be used repeatedly to show a card changing into different cards.
►Tom Ladshaw (Snap Crackle Pop): Methods for loudly cracking your knuckles and your neck.
►Doc Eason (Birthday Card Trick): A selected card is used to wish a spectator a Happy Birthday or Anniversary.
►Yoshio Hirose (Rip-It Revolutionized): A visual and impromptu torn and restored bill where two circles are ripped out and restored.
►Carl Cloutier (Mystery Of The Second Finger): A one coin routine full of vanishes and appearances.
►Chris Buylla (Smell This): A selected card is found using the sense of smell. As a kicker a small bottle of liquor is produced from the deck.
►Hiawatha (Absorption Transfer): A Quarter changes into a penny and later appears in a can that has been in full view.
►Joe Givan (Pretzel Logic): Two pretzels visually link to each other.
►Steve Bedwell (Time Flies): A spectator’s signed selection appears folded under your wristwatch.
►Dave Neighbors (Just Passing Thru Again): Three different coins repeatedly penetrate through the table. They penetrate up and down, singly and in groups.
►Dan Harlan (Starcle): The center of a bar napkin is torn off to show a big circle. Amazingly when the torn piece is unfolded it is a giant star.
►Paul Gertner (Be Honest What Is It?): A classic Eddie Fechter trick where the two cards in a spectator’s hand change places with the two cards in yours.
►Dan Garrett (Four Card Reiteration): A four card repeat routine with a kicker ending.
►Simon Aronson (Quadruple Spellbound): A visual coin routine where a half dollar changes into an African coin, then in to a British coin and finally into a Chinese coin.
►Guy Hollingworth (Umph!): A signed selection is lost in the deck. The deck is shuffled face up and face down. Upon spreading the deck all the cards have corrected themselves except for the selection.
►Seth Kramer (Vanishing Aces): The four aces vanish while being held in your hand.
►Ray Mertz (Fully Loaded): The four aces are placed on the table and when they are moved away a coin appears under each one.
►David Solomon (Four For Four): The Ace, two, three and four are dealt into different positions in a pile but jump to the top.
►Bill Kalush (Fidgeting Card): A selected card continuously turns face up and as a finale the card remains face up while the entire deck turns face down around it.
►Michael Weber (Thinking A Tree Over): A cigarette stands on its end and falls without being touched while a straw encircles it.
►Juan Tamariz (Poker Demonstration): A two handed game of Poker where the spectator is dealt a four of a kind and you are dealt the three kings. You explain that you will change your hand to the four kings to beat him but he knows that is impossible since he is holding one of the kings. As a surprise you turn your cards into the four aces.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by Bob Kohler and Daryl. Original release date: 1992-3. Running time: Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Secret Sessions

Media Type Digital Lesson

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