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Close-Up Comedy Magic Video (Rich Marotta)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD

Rich Marotta is a successful magician and comedian. On this video he teaches the routines he uses when performing in formal close-up situations. All the routines have built in magical moments and surprises as well as being intrinsically humorous. In addition to the methods you will also learn the many techniques used within the routines.

Routines Performed & Explained:
►Repeat Escape:
A selected card vanishes from under a spectator’s hand and appears face down in a packet of cards you are holding. In offering to repeat the routine you apparently do the same thing, except this time three cards vanish from under the spectator’s hand leaving only the selection.
►Shot In The Pack: A selected card is lost in the pack. You then introduce a different deck and use it to shoot a card into the middle of the original deck. The card above it is the selected card. As a kicker ending the card that was shot from the other deck turns out to be the duplicate of the original selection.
►Swindle: A spectator helps you mix up the order of thirteen cards and amazingly the new order exactly matches your predicted outcome.
►Matchic Trick: The routine begins with a sequence of matches penetrating each other and ends with a signed bar napkin changing into a fistful of matches. When the matchbox that used to contain the matches is opened the signed napkin is found inside.
►Visible Card To Wallet: A signed card visually vanishes from a spread deck and appears inside your wallet.
►Nest Of Boxes: A signed coin vanishes from under a handkerchief and appears inside a group of nested boxes that have been in full view the entire time.
►Stabbed In The Pack: A selected card is lost in the deck and you use a knife to stab into the pack impaling one card. It is the wrong card so you toss it into the air where it visually changes into the selection.
►Queen Soiree: A classic routine using a sheet of newspaper and four cards. The cards travel one at a time from under the paper to join each other. Rich teaches the version that was taught to him by Dai Vernon.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by A-1 MagicalMedia. Original release date: 1999. Running time: Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Rich Marotta's Close-Up Comedy Magic

Media Type Digital Lesson

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