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John Cornelius FISM Act & Creative Magic 2-Video Set

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  • Also available on DVD (see below).

John Cornelius is one of the most creative inventors in magic. He has won just about every award given for creativity. You will appreciate his genius as he teaches outstanding routines, sleights and ideas for the beginner, expert and everyone in between. Learn the effects he used to baffle the top minds in magic, as well as material that has earned him magic's most prestigious awards. You will learn magic with cards, coins, cigarettes, balls, flash paper, business cards, ropes, handkerchiefs and more.

John Cornelius The FISM Act Video

On this video John teaches the card act he used to win the FISM First Place in Card Magic award in 1985. The act is titled, "Every Card Trick In The World In Under Ten minutes" and you will learn all the magic that he created for this act.

The video begins with John performing his award-winning act at the Magic Castle and then going to a studio where he teaches the multiphase act that is full of startling and visual card magic. You will learn the entire act in great detail as he teaches you how to construct the props, setup the act and perform all the effects and techniques. The video ends with an interview with John where he discusses how he ended up entering and winning his first FISM award.

You will probably not perform the entire act as taught but all the individual routines and revelations explained within the act are very visual and useable and can fit into any act.

Routines and techniques taught include:
Shrinkage (shrinking card case), Arisen! (impromptu rising card), Shrinking Cards, The Master Cut, The Apprentice Cut, Benzais Bewilderment Move, Boomerang Card, The Oh Calcutta Shuffle, Flash Production Display, The Winter Change, Riffle Force, Dribble Control and much more.

John Cornelius Creative Magic Video

Routines performed and explained:
Super Card Rise: A devious rising card routine where three cards are selected and returned to the deck. The deck is placed in a drinking glass and the three cards rise out of the deck one at a time.
The Nip Clip (Baby Boom): Four coins simultaneously penetrate through the center of the table.
Vanishing Cigarette (SmokeFree): A lit cigarette cleanly vanishes after being placed in your hand. Magically it re-appears sticking out of your mouth.
Pocket Rocket Aces: Four Aces are lost in different parts of the deck as they individually disappear and appear in your pocket. As a kicker ending instead of the last ace going to your pocket the entire deck ends up there while the final ace is the only one left in your hand.
Harry Anderson's Sliding Knot: Two pieces of rope are tied. The knot in between them is now slid back and forth on the rope and then untied.
Impromptu Ghost Trap: A solid object apparently materializes under a handkerchief.
On The Tip Of My Tongue: A card is selected and lost in the deck. The deck is placed in you jacket pocket. You turn your back to the audience as you name the card. When you turn back the card is seen hanging from your lips.
Silver/Copper Miser's Dream: Four silver coins are produced and tossed into your palm. When your fist is opened all the coins are shown to have changed into copper coins.
Marked: John's popular packet trick where four cards turn face up, change back color and finally have marked backs.
Three-Ball Routine (Jawbreakers): Three balls are dumped out of a box. The balls all vanish and appear back in the box.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by A-1 MagicalMedia. Original release date: 1993. Combined running time: Approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. John Cornelius' The FISM Act Video

  2. John Cornelius’ Creative Magic Video

Media Type Digital Lesson

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