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Knock'em Dead Video (R. Paul Wilson)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  • Also available on DVD (see below).

R. Paul Wilson has established himself as one of the most creative and skilled sleight-of-hand artists in the field of close-up magic. This video was his introduction to the magic world and the magic he performs and teaches here is what originally made him a sensation. You will learn the killer close-up routines he used to fool magicians and entertain non-magicians.

Routines performed and explained:
Crowded Coins: A three-phase coins across routine where three coins appear, travel between your hands and vanish at the end. Everything happens at the fingertips. Also taught is a new handling for the French Drop.
Absolute Zero: A self-working impossible card location where a spectator shuffles the deck, looks at a card, looses it in the deck and you find it with 100% accuracy.
Collector's Day: Four aces are produced from the deck. Three cards are selected. The selections and the aces are lost in the pack. The aces visually appear face-up on top of the deck and are placed under the spectator's hand. The three selections vanish from the deck and appear between the aces.
Gypsy Monte: A Color Monte type routine using Tarot Cards with some neat handlings and a terrific presentation.
Coins to Purse: Three coins are removed from a small coin purse. They vanish one at a time and appear back in the purse.
Mr. Spoons: A quick spoon bending routine where a spoon is made to visually bend and then go back to normal at the end.
Think Stop & Emergence: Two spectators look at and remember a card. The first card eerily emerges from the fanned pack while the second is stopped at while the spectator is only thinking for you to stop.
Hail Stones: A selected card is lost in the deck and spelled to. It is lost again but, this time the spectator spells to it.
Consistent Control: An excellent in-the-hands method of controlling and positioning cards while shuffling the deck.
Underground Add-On: An in-the-hands method of secretly adding and switching out cards as packet is being stripped out of the deck.
Unholy Gathering: An amazing routine where you perform a matrix effect with a playing card and a hole puncher. A signed selection has four holes punched in it -- one in each corner. The holes are visually moved one at a time until they are all in one corner of the card and the signed card is given as a souvenir.

Within the routines you will also learn some original techniques with coins, cards and spoons. This is a goldmine of magic for the working performer.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by A-1 MagicalMedia. Original release date: 1999. Running time: Approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. R. Paul Wilson’s Knock'em Dead Video

Media Type Digital Lesson

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