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Rafael Benatar’s Elegant Magic 3-Video Set

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  • Also available on DVD (see below).

Buy all three of Rafael Benatar's videos (Elegant Card Magic, More Elegant Card Magic and Elegant Cups & Balls) for one low price. In addition to the many elegant card routines and the beautiful and practical Cups & Balls routine you will learn advanced double card handling techniques that you will be adding to your arsenal of deceptive and devious card sleights.

Rafael Benatar is thorough and thoughtful in the way he constructs and presents his magic, and on these videos, he goes into great detail about these philosophies, theories and strategies. If you study and apply his advice you are almost guaranteed to raise the quality of your current repertoire and increase the magical nature of your routines.

►Hot Transposition: Two cards continually change places under seemingly impossible conditions.
►Karate: Using a karate chop a six is split into two threes and a ten into two fives.
►Photomat: A repeat signed card to pocket routine with a finale where the signature is visually removed.
►A Card And A Number: A three-phase routine where a selected card appears at a position in the deck named by a spectator.
►Relative Interchange (Max Maven): Four indifferent cards change places with the Ace through Four of Spades, one card at a time.
►The Venezuelan Tunnel: A selected card turns face-up as it is pushed through the deck.
►Kangaroo People: Explaining that magicians descend from Kangaroos a card is placed in an invisible pouch in your palm and then removed.
►Devilishly Invisible: Rafael's trademark routine in which spectators are taught how to see an invisible card.

Also, on this video are detailed explanations of some sleights by Ascanio such as The Rubbed Laydown, The Scattered Laydown, The Stand Up Rubbed Ascanio Spread and some of Rafael’s subtleties like The Mis-show, Rub-A-Dub Vanish, Three Minus One, Cull Force, Faro Split, Acoustic Backtracking, The Pendular Laydown and much more.

►The Clark Kent Card Change: An indifferent card visually changes into the spectator's selected card as you blow on it.
►69: A six turns into a selected nine while in full view. The selected card is then shown to be a joker.
►Neither & Also: Two selected cards are found in an offbeat and visual manner.
►A Perfect 10: Two cards are produced as the selection but are wrong. When the pips of the two cards are added they total the selection's value. The two cards visually melt into the selection.
►The Rhythm Twins: A new handling for Brother John Hamman's classic plot about twin Kings who married twin Queens.
►The Unambitious Magician: A parody geared toward magicians where obvious sleights are used to cancel each other.
►Countdown: A startling assembly where Kings vanish from their packets one at a time and appear in a leader packet. As a surprise finale all four Kings appear in an unexpected place.
►Right Between The Eyes: A fantastic, impromptu, card routine that can be done on stage where you ascertain the name of a selected card by reading the hand of a lady who picked it and then quickly pulls it out of a shuffled deck in a gentleman’s pocket. Then, to everyone's astonishment, the gentleman performs the exact same trick himself without knowing how.
►Professional Oil and Water Routine: An outstanding routine that combines Ascanio’s Oil and Water routine with Roy Walton’s Oil and Queens to form a very strong three-phase masterpiece. You can do them together or separately depending on your taste.
►Double-Card Handling Techniques: Rafael Benatar is a master of double card handling and he spends some time explaining all the fine points of natural double turnovers as well as how to handle, replace and table double cards. Techniques include: Slippery Double Turnover, Slippery Drop, Pivoting Double, Double Replacements, Tamariz Boomerang Replacement, Reinhard Muller's Nail Replacement and more.

Rafael Benatar's Cups & Balls routine has long been a feature of his act. It is considered one of the most elegant, direct and practical of all Cups & Balls routines.

On this video, you will learn everything you need to know to perform Rafael's prized routine. Throughout the detailed explanations of the techniques, Rafael leads you through very important concepts regarding timing, misdirection and handling that you can readily apply to all your magic.

The video begins with a full, live performance, followed by the basic mechanics such as what you need, a walkthrough of the entire routine with every move and subtlety explained, a discussion on theory and Ascanio’s In Transit Actions, the psychology of what people perceive and why, the applications of the theories to the different sequences, vanishes, loads, and using a wand.

As a special bonus, Rafael performs his new eCups presentation that features a captivating e-mail premise. Along the way he shares insight into how to customize the Cups & Balls for tradeshows and to integrate a company's message into the routine.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by A-1 Magical Media. Original release date: 1997. Combined running time: Approximately 3 hours and 35 minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Rafael Benatar's Elegant Card Magic Video

  2. Rafael Benatar's More Elegant Card Magic Video

  3. Rafael Benatar's Elegant Cups & Balls Video

Media Type Digital Lesson

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