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Abbott's 1992 Get-Together Highlights Video

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  • Category: HISTORICAL
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD

A two-hour highlight video from the Abbott's 1992 Magic Get-Together which features appearances, performances, lectures and tips by: Jeffery Atkins, Robert Baxt, Harry Blackstone, Jr., Col. Bill Boley, Chezaday, David Drake, Karrell Fox, Howard Hale, Terry Herbert, Mike Hillburger, Jamal Keyes, Kovari, Trevor Lewis, Tom Mullica, Obie O'Brien, Jim Steinmeyer, Sylvester The Jester, Johnny Thompson, David Williamson, Phil Willmarth, Meir Yedid and many others.

Events, Lectures & Shows:
►Harry Blackstone Jr. is interviewed for a TV show and performs the Vanishing Bird Cage and a rope escape close-up.
Wednesday Night Show: Howard Hale, Col. Bill Boley, Trevor Lewis, Kovari, and Harry Blackstone Jr.
Trevor Lewis Lecture: Trevor demonstrates a very funny Kid Show version of the cards across with cards and scarves.
Thursday Night Show: Jamal Keys, Sylvester The Jester, Robert Baxt, Meir Yedid, Terry Herbert, and Chezaday.
Tom Mullica Lecture: Tom performs and teaches the card routine he always opens his shows with. He also demonstrates his Sight-Savers routine, the do-as-I-do bar gag, and many cigarette bits. You will also experience all the hilarity that runs through the lecture.
Johnny Thompson Lecture: Johnny does his very funny impressions of Slydini and Dai Vernon performing magic.
The Close-Up Show: Phil Willmarth, David Drake, Obie O’Brien, Mike Hillburger, and David Williamson.
Jim Steinmeyer Lecture: Jim demonstrates and teaches his brilliant Three Card Monte routine with jumbo cards.
Saturday Night Show: Karrell Fox, Terry Herbert, Jeffery Atkins, closing the show are Johnny Thompson and Tom Mullica doing their hysterical Huda Putz routine.

The shows feature highlights from each performer and not their entire act, whenever possible their trademark routines are included in their entirety. Throughout the video there are segments with local magicians and guests performing for each other. You will see some amazing and entertaining magic that you will enjoy.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by MVN. Original release date: 1992. Running time: Approximately 2 hours.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Abbott's 1992 Get-Together Highlights

Media Type Digital Lesson

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