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Larry Becker Standing Ovation & Mental Miracles 2-Video Set

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  • Also available on DVD (see below).

Larry Becker is considered one of the most creative and respected mentalists in the field. These two videos feature Larry performing live shows at a comedy club and then explaining the routines, strategies, and techniques that he used. Although performed on a stage many of the routines are suitable for parlor or close-up work.

Standing Ovation Video:

►Tri-Coinetic: Three envelopes supposedly each contain a different coin. An audience member names what coin they think is in the first envelope… and they are right. Second envelope also correct. The third envelope offers a twist as the spectator is told that it can contain any of the three coins. They name a coin, and it is dumped out making their guess correct.
►Visual Aid: A spectator holds a twenty-dollar bill while you read their mind and write down the serial number of the borrowed bill.
►Phantasm Supreme: An audience member thinks of one of nine celebrities pictured on a board. A previously sealed wallet is opened to show an electronic voice recorder. When the spectator presses the play button the voice names the thought of celebrity.
►Here, There & Everywhere: A thought-of card is removed from the deck, signed and sealed in an envelope. A second spectator selects a card from the deck. The selected card changes into a joker, the second spectator's card is in the sealed envelope and the original signed selection is found in the zippered compartment of your wallet.
►Some Total-Stage: An envelope containing a prediction is handed to a spectator prior to the show. Spectators each name a one-digit number. The six digits are written on a board. The prediction envelope contains a series of four five-digit numbers. The numbers are written on a board, added together and the total matches the random numbers yelled out by the audience.
►Russian Roulette: Larry Becker's world-renown Russian Roulette routine where he risks his life by allowing one of three guns to be fired toward his head. One of the pistols is empty the others are loaded. (Performance only—not suitable for children).

Mental Masterpieces Video:

►H.G. Wells' Time Machine: An audience member thinks of a year in the sixteenth century and writes it on an envelope containing a modern coin. The coin envelope is held by the audience member and remains in full view throughout. Upon opening the envelope an old pirate coin is found to have the thought of date engraved on it. Proving that the coin went back in time to the thought-of year.
►Out of Body: A spectator cuts to any card, removes it and places it in their pocket. The rest of the deck is placed back in the box and held by the spectator. With no hesitation you can immediately name the selected card with one-hundred percent accuracy.
►Casino Royale: One of Larry Becker's most popular and favorite routines where a spectator randomly selects one of fifty casino chips, a handful of bills and two playing cards. A prediction envelope, which has been in full view the entire time, is opened and inside is predicted the name of the casino, how much money was taken, and the Blackjack hand selected by the spectator.
►Kolossal Killer III: A streamlined version of a marketed routine where a thought-of card is revealed by removing a prediction from your wallet that has been held by the spectator the entire time.
►Clearly Predictable: Prior to the show a spectator is handed a prediction envelope and the classified section of a newspaper. They are instructed to circle any ad and initial their choice. They also remove a bill from their pocket and initial it. An audience member then selects a playing card from a jumbo deck. In rapid succession the selection is revealed printed on the newspaper and when the prediction envelope is opened it reveals the exact wording of the selected classified ad and the serial number of the initialed bill.
►Calendar Caper: A sealed prediction reveals the month a spectator was born and their selected card.
►Ultimate Flashback: Larry's Becker's marketed effect where a series of mind-reading feats are performed using books and thought-of words. (Performance only).

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by A-1 Magical Media. Original release date: 1995. Combined running time: Approximately 3-hours and 20-minutes.

NOTE: We never gave anyone else permission to sell this video or any part of it. This is the only legal and authorized version.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Larry Becker's Standing Ovation Video

  2. Larry Becker’s Mental Masterpieces Video


  1. Graphic for Phantasm Supreme (731 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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