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Incredible Close-Up Magic (Meir Yedid)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

This is Meir's second book and features the magic he performed professionally for many years along with most of his early creations. These are the routines that launched his career as a magician and gave him a worldwide reputation. These are also the routines and techniques that were the basis of his early lecture tours.

Routines include:
 ►Compucard: A deck of cards comes alive in your hands, moving in a bizarre, liquid-like fashion to produce a selected card.
►Invisible Poker Hand: An instant, visual production of a Royal Straight Flush!
►Ghostwriter: Type a message on an invisible typewriter, then suddenly pull a sheet of paper right out of thin air!
►Signa-Fusion: Two people’s signatures on two separate cards fuse into one card with a signature on each side.

 Plus Birds Of A Feather, Thumb Through The Table, Calculated Miracle, Traveling Thumb, and much more. You will also learn the many original techniques Meir created to accomplish these routines.

 Thoroughly explained with more than 150 clear photographs on 136 pages. Written by Gary Ouellet and published by the Camirand Academy Of Magic. Hard cover with dust jacket.

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