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Magical Wishes (Meir Yedid)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

A great book, full of creative close-up magic from the professional repertoire of Meir Yedid. This book is full of practical close-up magic guaranteed to fool and entertain. You'll find the magic direct and within your ability. Enjoy commercial routines with bills, business cards, playing cards, coin boxes, coins, ESP cards, fingers, pocket knives, and matches. All of the routines can be performed up-close, in the most intimate conditions. Ideal for restaurants, bars, parties and many other close-up situations.

 Learn how to find selected cards, make hair vanish off a spectator's hand, turn a borrowed quarter into twenty-six coins, shove your finger through a borrowed business card and restore it, make cards change places, change the color of a knife, make cards vanish and reappear, apparently memorize a deck of cards, predict which ESP symbol will be selected, and much, much more.

 You'll also learn to do a bottom deal in less than ten minutes, a new and easy top change, a fake faro shuffle, a new method of controlling a card, perhaps the best method of doing the Vernon\Christ\Anneman alignment move, a visual and easy card switch, new coin sleights, and much more.

 Meir's first book since 1987. Written by Stephen Hobbs. Illustrated by Akemi Yoshida. Foreword by Herb Zarrow. 96 pages. 70 illustrations. Hardcover.

Media Type Shipped Product

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