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50 Secrets To Successful Magic

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Subtitled as, “The key to becoming a better magician,” the book offers advice on how to become better at just about everything that is involved with being a magician.

Being a magician, these days requires more knowledge and inside information than ever. There are more types of venues, more types of audiences, and you need not only the skills of a magician, but the foresight of a businessperson, the creativity of a marketing expert and the social expertise of a master diplomat. And that's just for starters.

The book is full of inside information from many of today's top stars from around the world. They offer help and advice on everything you can imagine to be a successful magician. From how to book shows for a higher fee. to how to add comedy into your act, to opening lines, to what tricks are the most effective in certain surroundings and so much more. With more than 300 advice-stuffed pages covering every aspect of how to become a successful magician, this is a must-read collection of advice from people who have already done it!

The book covers 50 different subjects and furnishes valuable advice from: Nick Einhorn, Gary Jones, Tom Wright, Chris Congreave, Joshua Jay, Jon Allen, Andi Gladwin, Pit Hartling, Paul Gordon, Aaron Fisher, Iain Moran, Michael Vincent, James Brown, Keith Fields, Morgan & West, Christopher T. Magician, Neil Roberts, Looch, Keith Hart, Clive Hyams, Nigel Wilkenson, Jay Fortune, and many more.

Published by Magicseen Magazine in 2020. Foreword by Andy Nyman. Introduction by Mark Leveridge. 324-pages, 6”x9”, perfect-bound.

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