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Across The Void (Paul Hallas-Autographed)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

Subtitled, “Exploring The Cards Across Plot: Everything You Need To Know About This Classic Effect, A collection of Methods, Presentations and Suggestions.”

The book looks at the classic "Cards Across" magic plot, discussing methods from over a 100 years ago to the present. Here you will learn not just how to make a few cards travel from one place to another, but how to do it with freely selected cards, signed cards, different colored backed cards and even thought of cards. Read this book and find the perfect version of this classic for you.

Includes contributions and ideas by: Robert-Houdin, Devant, Ponsin, Michael Zen, Paul Curry, Henry Hardin, Jacob Daley, Ted Annemann, Peter Warlock, Paul Hallas, Meir Yedid, Terry Seabrook, Andrew Normansell, Derek Dingle, Alex Elmsley, Paul Harris, Dave Campbell, Peter Duffile, and many others.

Published by Paul Hallas in 2016 (Fourth edition, first was in 2002). 6x9 inch, perfect bound book with 102 pages and some illustrations and photographs. All our copies have been hand-signed (autographed) by Paul Hallas.

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