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Autographed Amazing Kreskin’s Future With The Stars (Kreskin)

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All of our Kreskin books have been hand-signed by him as seen in the attached picture. This will become a true collectible.

The book is titled, “The Amazing Kreskin’s Future With The Stars: Featuring Reflections & Predictions of Kreskin & Leading Celebrities & Opinion-Makers.”

This is a fun and fascinating read with contributions by many people that are followed by commentary and predictions by Kreskin… many of the predictions have came true or look like they might in the future.

People you may know include: Tom Hanks, Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern, Roseanne, Burt Reynolds, William Shatner, Dick Clark, Bruce Jenner, Magic Johnson, Buzz Aldrin, Regis Philbin, Buddy Hackett, and many, many others.

Second Edition (see note in the attached photo). Published in 2001 by Meyerbooks. Written by Kreskin and Bret Saxon. 276-pages, perfect-bound, softcover. All our copies came from Kreskin’s own collection and are hand-signed by him. Limited Edition.

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