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The Excellence Of Danny Fleshman

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC BOOK

These are part of a warehouse find and are brand new and have been in storage for the past 40 years!

Danny Fleshman who is now best known as Dan Fleshman is one of the hardest working professional restaurant magicians in the business, but that is just a small part of his career as a close-up magician. He has done it all! The reason we rarely hear from him is that he is too busy working!

From the foreword John Mendoza: “I have had the good fortune of watching Danny work on several occasions and the material contained herein is the stuff he does for real people. Not magicians. Not so-called inner circlists. Not the bigshot critics. But real, honest-to-goodness, innocent laymen who usually were indifferent about magic before seeing Dan work and almost 100% of the time love magic after seeing him work… My writing reputation is dependent on the fact that I find and write magic that professional magicians use... Danny's magic is the kind that counts and I urge you to try it, learn it, refine and perfect it and then, above all, use it!”

Routines include: The Seeing Double Sandwich, Swithcbox, Sandbox, Back & Forth Sandwich, Momma In My Wallet, The Seeing-Double Switchbox, Trandswitchposition, Miracle With A Signed Card, Triple Snap Change, And Yet Another Color Changing Deck, Coins To The Glass, Coins To The Purse, Clean-Up Move For Spellbound, Caps Across (Ken Garr), Silver Finger (Steve Payton), Jokers Wild (Pete Peterson), ring And String Moves, A Shot For You!, The Cups And Balls (featuring the Fleshman Flash), plus advice on performing in restaurants.

First Edition, First Printing. Published by Tom Westerheide in 1983. Written by John Mendoza and illustrated by Paul Daly. 8.5”x11” inches, 95-pages, plastic comb-bound. 

Media Type Shipped Product

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