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Hand Mucking (George Joseph)

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  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: BOOK


This book has become an underground classic and many copies of the first edition have been sold for more than $100. The full title is, “Hand Mucking: The Art Of Switching Cards In Play.”

There are no magic tricks discussed. It was written for both card cheaters and magicians who might want to incorporate these sleight of hand techniques into their hobby of profession. It discusses the many ways to switch cards that are in play which would mean during a game for gamblers and during a magic routine for magicians.

Titled contents include:
The Gambler’s Palm, The Classic Palm, The Pinch Palm, Switching Palms, Classic Palm To Gamblers’ Palm, Classic Palm To Pinch Palm, Gamblers’ Palm To Classic Palm, Gamblers’ Palm To Pinch Palm, Pinch Palm To Classic Palm, Pinch Palm To Gamblers’ Palm, One Card Hand To Hand, Two Card Hand To Hand, One Card Blackjack Muck, Two Card Muck, Mucking Demonstration, A Blackjack Muck, One Card Stud Poker, The Challenge Muck, One Card Peel-Off, One Card Pick Up, and A Pair For Poker.

Second Edition. Published by G & E Enterprises in 2006 (First Edition was published in 1982). 52-Pages, 75+ Photographs, 8.5 x 11 inch, plastic comb-bound book. All our copies were autographed by George Joseph.

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