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Insider Secrets + DVD Package (Tony Clark)

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Tony Clark has had a successful career as a performer, teacher, consultant and producer. He has also been a student of many top magicians and thinkers.

In this hard-cover book that is subtitled, “30 Years If Time-Tested Advice,” Tony promises to share the priceless Insider Secrets that will help you improve your act, career and business in the quickest time possible.

Subjects covered include: The Fifteen-Second Secret, Stage Freight, Entering The Stage, Real Character, Multi-Level Stagecraft, Volunteer Selection Formula, Routining Your Act, Adding Production Value, Master Of Ceremonies, How To Handle Hecklers, Corporate Shows, Bad Audience?, Magic Contests, Rehearsal Ritual 100, Leaders Are Readers, Cruise Ships, The Secret Weapon, Spice Up Your Act, and much more.

Signed and numbered First Edition of 1,000 copies. Published by Tony Clark in 2016. 224-page, hardcover with dust jacket and color photographs.

This special package includes:
►The 224-page Hard Cover Book.
►A copy of The New Timing Is Everything DVD.
►Online access for the pdf version of the book.
►Online access to audio interviews with William E. Andrews, Jim Steinmeyer, Norm Nielsen, Jack Goldfinger, and Richard Barrett.
►Online access to a video interview with Marvyn Roy.
►Online access to Secrets of Winning Work Book.
►Online access to Secrets of Winning Audio Recording.

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