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Jumbo Book Of Funny Stuff (Doc Wayne)

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Len 'Doc' Wayne is a magician who has earned his living as a professional writer and creative marketing consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He has taught national sales forces how to use humor to create compelling sales presentations that capture the attention of prospects and put power, punch, and pizzazz into every interaction with clients, customers, guests, and even patients.

In this humorous book Doc does not offer jokes and one-liners for your use (although there are plenty included) but tries to teach you how to create your own material based on simple exercises and premises that can be applied to your own personality and performances.

Chapters include: What Why How & Whatever, Fakin' It, More Fun, That’s Entertainment?, Food For Thought, Around The Country, Funny Products, How Did You Do That?, Name Game Fame, Wordplay, Humor Your Heart, Body Language, Shotgun Wedding, Spotlight Them, Absolutely Amazing, and more.

Published and written by Len 'Doc' Wayne in 2006. 100-pages soft cover with many illustrations by Jeffary Hitch. All our copies are hand-signed by Doc Wayne.

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