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Marc Salem’s Mindreading Compendium (Marc Salem, Richard Mark)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MENTALISM
  • Product Type: BOOK

A collection of practical thought reading techniques for modern audiences. Includes new and original twists on standard methods and creative routines disclosed for the first time.

The complete, audience tested, thought reading presentations include: Two variations of the Dunninger approach, one of the Fogel method, three of the U.F. Grant method and a major improvement on the mechanics of the Hull system. Two of the routines come straight out of Marc Salem’s Mind Games show.

The book features details of method and actual scripting. You learn how to respond to the information obtained. You will delight in a never-before revealed technique that can be adopted to make your work shine with humor and mystery. 

Written and Published by Marc Salem and Richard Mark in 2017. 6 x 9 inch perfect bound, 110-pages with photographs. Includes templates, printed cards and labels that you can use for your performance. All our copies have been hand-autographed by Marc Salem.

A long-awaited volume from a giant in our field. …Derren Brown

Marc and Richard's incredible new book is a master Q&A class. It breaks new ground with clever thinking, and will undoubtedly be the new gold standard. Highly recommended. …Brett Barry

An educational and insightful book that will get your creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing. Very much enjoyed it. …Chris Rawlins 

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