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Meaningful Conjuring (Ed Solomon)

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Ed Solomon, who was also known as DeNomolos, was a master storyteller who used magic to emphasize the point or moral of his stories. He wanted his magic to appeal to the intellect and touch the soul of his audiences, or as he put it: “People may not remember my name or the magic that I performed, but they will remember how it made them feel.”

Between 2004 and 2015 Ed wrote 125 columns in The Linking Ring magazine that featured short stories that used simple magic to highlight their messages. All those columns are included in this book along with some bonus tricks, essays, and more.

He had an international following of famous magicians, mentalists, and performers which he often consulted with about how to add meaning to their magic and presentations. This fed into his lifelong desire to help magicians understand how to use storytelling to their advantage. We hope this book helps him achieve that goal.

If you ever wanted to elevate your magic from just being a series of puzzles into meaningful moments of magic, this book may inspire you to think along those lines. Remember that all good magic revolves around solid stories and premises and this book is full of both.

First Hardcover Edition. Written by Ed Solomon. Complied and edited by Rolando H. Santos. Published by Meir Yedid Magic in 2023. 348-pages, 6” x 9”, hardcover, with many photographs. Limited to 250 copies.

This compilation of Solomon’s work hit me like a ton of bats. His techniques and stories are novel, adaptable, and exciting. I am pleased I got on board before the party was over. Don’t be left out, read this illuminating book, and add something brand new to your thinking. You will not regret it!
…Marc Salem

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Customer Reviews

  • Ed Solomon visited me today.

    5 Stars

    Ed Solomon visited me today. He brought along his friend DeNomolos. He told me a wonderful story. And he told me another. And another.

    Well, not Ed in person. Just his spirit. I received the new compilation by Rolando Santos - Meaningful Conjuring. It's a collection of 125 columns from the Linking Ring.

    I don't have to plow through 12 years of back issues. There's all here in one handy volume.

    Ed had several talents. He would take an old routine, and not only construct a story about the effect, he would think of ingenious ways to modify those tired old props and transform them into mysterious and strange objects that transports people into an alternate reality. Every submission has a photo, which is often the props for the effect, and you can visualize the impact these can have. Not all are old effects. Some of the techniques are new and clever. Others are old and forgotten, and cause me to slap my forehead with the palm of my hand. And they all are practical to perform.

    And the stories - oh the stories. Ed is a master of constructing stories for the effects. He doesn't just give background information, he builds up an emotional involvement as well. You feel for the individuals, and often, you will have to wipe the tears from your eyes.

    Not all are like that. Some routines are pure comedy. Some end with groaner puns. When the phrase "breathes life into old classics" is used, no one comes close to Ed and what he can do.Not only do they have a new life, they stand up and walk, or in some cases run away.

    God, I miss Ed so much. But I can have him visit me again, just by opening the book in a different location. I might cry. I might laugh. No matter which one I pick, I can visualize Ed in front of an audience, with his gravelly voice once again.

    His humor and more importantly, his heart lives on.

    Brother Bruce Barnett

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