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MindCoaster (Sean Taylor)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

Sean Taylor is one of Australia’s top corporate performers, mentalists and magicians. His first book, MindStorms (2008) was a huge hit with many of the routines being performed by top pros and even later being released as separate DVDs and tricks. The main reason is that they were solid, audience tested routines that fooled and entertained.

MindCoaster is the sequal to that great book and features commercial routines straight from Sean’s current working repertoire and fascinating essays on improving your performances. Following in the same vein as MindStorms, absolutely nothing is left out and the routines have multiple variations and directions.

Some highlights:
A modular Confabulation routine that is a feature of Sean’s current show. It is adaptable to a wide variety of situations which makes it ideal for customizing your show to any situation.
►Fully Loaded Magazine: A free choice of magazine, page and piece and yet you reveal an avalanche of information in an uncanny view through the spectators own eyes.
►Lucky Strike: The whole audience is eliminated one at a time for a fun, macro effect that finishes with a prediction which is quite literally millions to one.
►ONE: A freely imagined playing card appears in an envelope that was shown empty and held by the spectator.
►Fourthought: A shuffled deck is split into four piles. Four spectators remove a card from their piles, mix it back and assemble the deck while your back is turned. You find all four cards with ease. This has fooled some of the greatest minds in magic.
►LOTTO: Using some local Lotto tickets you to read the minds of six spectators for a perfect Lottery prediction.

Additional routines include: Pro-Envelope Plus, Fourth Dimaensional Disaster Zone, Memory Expansion 2.0, Fully Loaded Magazine, Parlor Q&A, Coinvelope Lite, Movie Stars, FourThought, On Target, ACACAAN, Supa Kwik Stak, and much more.

Written and published by Sean Taylor in 2016. 206-page, 6x9 inch, hard-cover book with more than 50 photographs.

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