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Own Your Magic (Sara Crasson)

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Sara Crasson, who is both a magician and a lawyer, has established herself as the leading authority about the subject of how magicians and magic creators can protect their creations, ideas, routines, products and everything else that should be their proprietary and intellectual property.

In this book she walks you through the basic and advanced legal rights you have and can enforce. She also does it in a manner that we can understand as opposed to using legalese.

The full title of the book is, "Own Your Magic: A Magician's Guide to Protecting Your Intellectual Property" and that is exactly what it teaches you. So, if you ever invented a trick and wondered how to keep it from being ripped off, this will steer you through the many avenues available, or not available, for protection.

The book is basically presented in four sections: What You Can Protect and How, Types of Intellectual Property and How They Work, Qualifying For and Maintaining Protection, and Enforcing Your Rights. Along the way you are taught the ins and outs of each subject, where you can get more information, the forms you will need and where to get them and file them.

As David Copperfield recommended in his foreword: "Magicians who are serious about their business should consider how important their intellectual property is and what they can do to protect it."

Written and Published by Sara J. Crasson in 2019. Foreword by David Copperfield. 144-pages with graphics, 6.7 x 9.6 inch, softcover. All our copies have been autographed (hand-signed) by Sara Crasson.

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