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Secrets Of Gambling (Hugh Miller)

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  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: BOOK

A book written for magicians that covers the many ways con-men cheat at card and casino games. Most of the methods explained also appear in the many books on the subject.

Subjects covered include:  Marked Cards, Strippers, Locator Cards, Holdouts, , Bugs, Card Indexes, Shiners, Collusion, Palming, False Shuffles, False Cuts, False Deals, Peeks, Loaded Dice, Dice Switches, Three Card Monte, Three Shell Game, Endless Chain, Gaffed Cards, Roulette, Proposition Bets, and much more.

First Supreme Edition. Published by The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd. In 1980. Originally published in 1970 by Harry Stanley. 128-pages, with many photographs and illustrations. Hard Cover with dustjacket. This is a brand-new copy from a recent warehouse find.

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