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The Trick Brain (Dariel Fitzkee)

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  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC BOOK

This is the second volume in the famed series by Dariel Fitzkee that guides us on how to become better magicians and entertainers.

The Trick Brain was created as a tool to help magicians develop new tricks. It teaches you how to create the mechanics of an effect with the understanding that how an effect is accomplished is not as important as the effect itself.

Some of the subjects covered in the 34 chapters are: Classification of Effects, Upon These Fundamentals We Stand, The Beginning of Appearance, The Vanish, Transpositions, Transformations, Penetration, Restoration, Animation, Anti-Gravithy, Attraction, Sympathetic Reactions, Invulnerability, Physical Anomaly, Spectator Failure, Control, Identification, Thought Reading, Thought Transference, Predictions, Extra-Sensory Perception, Pseudo Skill, The Invention of New Trick Plots, Methods for New Trick Plots, The Trick Brain, Techniques of Invension, Sleight-of-Hand Translation, New Lamps for Old, and The Ultimate Objective.

Published by Magic Box Productions in 2009 (sixth printing). The original came out in 1944. Written by Dariel Fitzkee. 316-pages, 6.25”x9.25”, hard-cover, with dust jacket. Out of print.

"The Trick Brain was definitely ahead of its time. It formalized a way of brainstorming, teaching the process... Whether you use Fitzkee's actual steps or just use them as inspiration, The Trick Brain lets you appreciate the way magic is created and definitely starts you thinking in new ways." ...Jim Steinmeyer

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