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Tricks Of The Trade (Lou Lancaster)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC BOOK

Subtitled, “A Professional Looks At… Commercial Closeup Magic,” the book features the routines Lou Lancaster performed up close during his professional shows at restaurants, private shows, and nightclubs.

Dai Vernon once described Lou as the most talented unknown in magic. Lou was one of the most skilled and knowledgeable magicians in all facets of magic from intimate close-up to stage illusions. He performed everywhere and was very well respected by his peers.

At some point he decided to share his favorite routines in book form which he also used as lecture notes. You will learn routines with shot glasses, sponge balls, color changing knives, coins, bills, dice, pea and shells, and cards. These are the actual routines he performed during his run at the two Magic Islands where he was the resident magician.

Routines and techniques taught (although some have been published under different names): It Vanishes Like a Shot, Did You Lose This?, The Lost and Found Department, $1.01, Money Runs Right Through Her Fingers, Flashy Coins, The Coin Fold, The Bill Tear, The Floating Bill, Dice Stacking, The Three Shell Game, The Three Card Monte, Face Up Aces, The Boomerang Card, Card In The Wallet, The Card to Pocket, The Big Bullet, Out Of Sight Out Of Hand, The Card In Mouth, The Topit, The Bottom Palm, The Top Card Palm, The Biddle Move, The Classic Force, The Downs Change, The Double Lift, The Multiple Shift, The Overhand Shuffle Control, The Overhand Shuffle Stack, The Spectator Peek, The Side Steal, The False Cut, The False Shuffle, The Faro Shuffle, The Pressure Fan, and more.

Written and published by Lou Lancaster in 1984. This is the 2003 edition whose photographs are not as clear as the earlier printings. 100+ pages, with many photographs, 8.5”x11”, plastic comb bound. Out of print.

“Lou Lancaster was one of the very first professional magicians I ever met. His teaching and advice changed my life. Lou is a living legend of magic. His mastery of all phases of magic is truly astonishing. Lou taught me many of the techniques of magic that I still use today in my show. Lou is an inspiration to magicians everywhere.” …Jeff McBride

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