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Visual Alchemy: The Magic Life of Jeff Sheridan

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Jeff Sheridan is one of the true artists in magic and influenced a generation of card manipulators and street performers.

Jeff’s friend Jim Moore, who is an outstanding photographer, decided to put together and tribute book about Jeff and his magic. The book features many rarely seen photographs of Jeff working the streets between 1976-1989 and is filled with many essays about Jeff from his friends.

Contributors include: Lance Burton, John Strausbaugh, Jim R Moore, Jeff McBride, Peter Samelson, Ken Weber, Montague Chadbourne, Michael Lee, Candice Sheridan, George Robinson, Adam Cardone, Kevin C. Carr, Phillippe Petit, Jim Sisti, Mark Setteducati, Jens Thorwachter-Jeton, Richard Kaufman, and Mark Levy.

Throughout the book you will discover Jeff’s remarkable story, the enduring impact of his innovative approach, and his unwavering commitment to his craft. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to be inspired by the life of a true visionary in the world of magic.

First Edition. Published by Vaudevisuals Press in 2023. Compiled by Jim R. Moore. Foreword by Lance Burton. 8.75”x8.75”, 116-pages, hard-cover, with many photographs. All our copies have been hand-autographed by Jim Moore and Mark Setteducati.

"The best magician I've ever seen." …John Lennon

“Bravo.” …Salvador Dali

“Jeff Sheridan is the best card manipulator in the world.” …Johnny Thompson

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