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Biting Sensations (Meir Yedid)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A startling and memorable routine that will have your audiences talking about you.

 A deck of cards is shown on both sides. It can be ribbon spread on the table, fanned, or spread from hand to hand. The spectators just see a deck of cards. One card is selected. To reveal the chosen card your spectators will swear that you place the deck in your mouth, take a bite out of it, and as impossible as it seems, the only card that doesn’t have a bite size pieces missing is the selected card. You can walk away and leave everything on the table for examination.

 Comes complete with a very special deck of Bicycle cards and photo-illustrated instructions.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • This bite-out deck is FUNNY, visually mind-tickling and a great way to end a humorous card routine.

    5 Stars

    First magic review ever, here.
    This bite-out deck is FUNNY, visually mind-tickling and a great way to end a humorous card routine.
    After you’re done you could say, “Well, I guess that’s the last trick with THIS deck…” or some such phrase to imply that you really ruined the deck.
    Could you deck switch and bring the deck back in full, sure, but then you’re saying that you didn’t REALLY take a bite out of it and it’s funnier if they think that you did. They’ve most likely never seen anything like this and it’s the last thing they’ll expect.
    I think this card trick could play equally well to kids.
    Comes with printed glossy instructions, folded into a 4 page flier with photos. If you typed out just the words it would be about a full page, single spaced so the directions are fairly involved.
    The card skills required are easy to moderate and just require regular practice in a mirror to learn. Get on You Tube and learn the riffle force and slip cut if you don’t know them. It’s going to look great with a larger card pad, like a 16x23 size, with a nice long ribbon spread as a convincer.
    The pack I received had red bicycle backs, unlike in the photo (which was fine since I have an equal number of tricks with red or blue backs). It’s a great concept and well made.
    Support this site! Meir’s created a site full of rare and unusual items that you won’t find anywhere else!

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