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Card-Toon Remastered (Dan Harlan)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Dan Harlan’s original Cardtoon was one of the most popular and bestselling card tricks ever produced. This new version features new artwork, an appearing rabbit that changes into a card phase, and a suggested new handling.

You introduce a deck of cards with drawings on the back. The drawings are a charming little stick figure standing on a stage. You show that each card is just a little different, and if you flip through the deck, the drawings become a flip book of a magician performing a trick. The drawings animate, showing the magician removing his hat, reaching inside, and then pulling out a rabbit.

Ask your audience to name any card. That card is removed from the deck and set aside. You show the back of the deck again and display the animation one more time. This time when you flip all the way through the deck, the magician doesn’t just pull the rabbit out of the hat. The rabbit magically transforms into a playing card that is a prediction of the freely named card.

Comes complete with a specially printed Poker-size deck of cards (red Bicycle style Aero back deck printed by the USPC that looks very similar to the standard back) and access to an online video tutorial.

Media Type Shipped Product

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