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Chicken Nugget Large Cards

  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: PLAYING CARDS
  • Product Type: PLAYING CARDS

This is a large version of the Chicken Nugget cards that parody the popular Jerry’s Nugget decks.

The quality of the cards is excellent, and they can be used to perform most card sleights. Not too thick, and not too thin and smooth enough for most counts and shuffles. The size is also just right, being about double the size of a normal Poker deck which is between Jumbo and Parlor size.

The 56-card deck comes with a side-tuck-box, a 52 on 1 card, a red/blue double backer, two jokers and 52 standard cards with custom picture cards. The size of the cards are 3.5x5 inches and are manufactured in Taiwan.

Media Type Shipped Product

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