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D. Deck (Dominique Duvivier)

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  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A very unique deck of gaffed cards was printed by the United States Playing Card Company to make this trick possible.

You think of a card and your spectator freely thinks of one. Both cards are removed from the deck. Amazingly when the rest of the deck is spread on the table all the other cards are seen to be blank. With the two thought-of cards being the only ones that are visible.

As a kicker ending a single card is then shown to have all the other cards printed on it.

The instructions come with multiple routines that are just as good and clean as the basic one. You will learn: Brain New Wave, A Short Memory, Chance Does Not Exist, The Poor Magician, and a few other versions and routines.

Comes with a very special deck of Bicycle cards, access to an online video tutorial, and an instructional PDF. A Mayette Magie Moderne product.

"A fantastic new effect destined to become a classic. It is a versatile utility deck limited only by your own imagination. Dominique has combined the best qualities of the 'Nudist Deck' ('Mental Photography') with the power of a 'Brainwave Deck'. The reset of all the included routines are unbelievably fast. Perfect for strollers and table hoppers. So jump in with both feet and take a bite out of this magical biscuit." …Kevin James

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