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Dream Card Revisited (David Malek-Autographed)

  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

Subtitled as “The Ultimate Card To Wallet, A Comprehensive Guide,” The Dream Card Revisited can serve as an important and definitive tutorial on the subject.

In this book, you’ll learn literally every single strategy, nuance, and facet, which will enable you to perform this effect as well as many others on a professional level, almost instantly. Also included are four brand new methods of palming multiple cards that have been kept secret for over twenty-five years, a new way to force under the spread, extensive instruction on the use of the Kaps/Balducci and LePaul Wallets as well as ideas and concepts you can apply to your own magic tricks and routines that are being shared here for the very first time. You even learn a method that you can perform out of your pocket and does not use a wallet.

So, what is David Malek’s basic Dream Card effect? It is based on a routine by Darwin Ortiz and it goes like this: A card is selected from a shuffled deck as you remove a card from your wallet to show that it has a different color back and your signature on it (The Dream Card). It is placed back in the wallet and in your pocket. The spectator then signs the face of his card and it is lost in the deck. You retrieve the Dream Card from your wallet and it is the actual selection. But it now has a different color back and both you’re and the spectator’s signature… you can then hand it as a souvenir.

The authoritative card expert Roberto Giobbi who wrote the foreword said, “David talks about those things that make magic work, about its essence. And there are not many people who can and want to do that. What you get here is not just a professional trick for almost all occasions; you get a Masterclass by a working pro, a course in magic.”

Even more important than the great routine, this detailed booklet teaches you about construction, routining and presentation strategies that you can implement into your existing repertoire. It is a crash course in advanced card magic and thinking.

Published by David Malek in 2017. 6 x 9 inches, perfect bound, 170-pages with many photographs. Our current copies have all been hand-signed by David Malek.

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Customer Reviews

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    5 Stars

    I hesitated to set 4 or 5 stars :
    - 5 stars because we can see there is a lot of work involved in this book. David Malek explains all in detail and gives a lot of advice. This book is not for the beginners, but if you work seriously on this routine, you will have a great routine.
    - 4 stars, because David is often too long to explain some things, and because the quality of the pictures is not good.

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