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Lynx Wallet 2.0 (Gonçalo Gil, Gustavo Sereno)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The Lynx Wallet is a hip-pocket bi-fold wallet that is also an index wallet with 26+ hidden compartments. It also has a built-in opening/slide for card or object to wallet routines.

Ideal for the now classic routine where you show a single envelope in your wallet. The spectator names any card, you remove the envelope and inside is the freely named card. As seen on the trailer.

You are also supplied with props for a second routine where a spectator names a city, and it is in the envelope.

The routines and strategies taught include:  Basic Card Version, City Version, Drawing routine, Number routine, Out Of Lunch routine, Card To Wallet routine, Object To Envelope routine, and more.

Depending on what you like to carry in your wallet this can be used as your everyday wallet.

Comes with the very special leather wallet (4.5”x4” closed), a stack of gimmicked playing cards with matching black envelopes, a stack of city postcards, a word chart of cities, a stack of white envelopes, and access to video tutorials for all the routines. Manufactured by Gee Magic.

Media Type Shipped Product

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