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Black Door (Riccardo Berdini)

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  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Black Door is an excellent two-way-out envelope with an additional element of a magnetic locking system built in which allows you to let the spectator open the envelope when the circumstances permit.

The locking system also allows you to use the envelope as a switching device by putting a selected card or bill into the envelope which when opened later by the spectator only the switched in duplicate is accessible.

Routines explained: 50/50 Prediction, Bank Night Routine, Bill Switch, Serial Number Divination, Card Force, Q and A, Magazine Test, Lacuna Effect, Mind Reading, and Add A Number.

Comes with two specially gaffed and manufactured envelopes (3" x 4.5") and access to a 60-minute video tutorial.

"A beautiful tool for your arsenal of methods." …Banachek

"A hands-off switch device? I Love It! The only problem you'll have is deciding what routine to do first!" …Steve Valentine

Media Type Shipped Product

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