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In Through The Out Box (Doc Docherty)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is an exciting twist on a classic impossibility. Lubor Fiedler’s legendary “Gozinta” boxes have baffled audiences for many years. Now, Doc has applied his unique creativity to give this routine a solid ending.

The routine is simple, visual, and mind shattering. The magician displays a small red box. He opens it and removes a smaller black box from inside. The black box is opened, and a ball is discovered inside. Then, defying logic, the red box is put inside the smaller black box … but it fits. The black box closes just as it should.

Next, the magician explains how it is not possible for either box to enclose the other because they are the same size! He places the boxes side by side to prove this statement is accurate.

Now comes Doc’s incredible finale. The magician says, in fact, it was completely impossible for the boxes to fit together. He hands both boxes to the spectator to discover the reason herself. The spectator opens the boxes in her own hands and finds, inside both boxes, a SOLID BLOCK OF METAL completely filling the interior of each box!

Each set is handmade and comes with everything you need to perform the full routine. You receive: A set of plastic red and black Gozinta boxes, a Sponge Ball, two handmade solid blocks made of polished aluminum, and a link to a video tutorial.

Media Type Shipped Product

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