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Justice Pad (Charlie Justice)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

With this ingenious device, you can instantly reveal any number, any word, any picture in the cleanest, fairest manner possible.

Hand your spectator a standard looking 6x4 inch, spiral-bound note pad. While you look away, the spectator writes any number and then tears the page out. The paper is folded several times and the pad is closed. This is all done while you are still looking away. Under these circumstances, with zero questions of any kind, you can instantly reveal the number, with no re-opening of the pad. The method is just brilliant… straight out of Charlie's strolling repertoire.

Remember… any number, any word, any language, any symbol or picture. The pad can be instantly reset in front of your audience in less than two seconds.

When the pad runs out of paper you can easily refill it by buying an inexpensive 6x4 inch spiral pad from any stationary store and refilling the gimmicked pad with the new paper.

Comes complete with a special writing pad, marker pen and a link to a detailed instructional video full of extra handling tips, ideas and bonus material. Manufactured by Mark Mason's JB Magic

Media Type Shipped Product

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