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Master Of Chance And Beyond

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Lubor Fiedler was one of magic’s creative geniuses. One of his little-known creations was published in a German magazine in 1963.

This edition of the trick is number nine in the Wellington Signature Series of Handcrafted Miracles. Unlike the original designs that could give away false methods, Bill Schmeelk redesigned the props, so they are now made of clear, see-through, Plexiglass.

The basic effect uses two small identical triangular blocks, and a tube that covers the two stacked blocks.

You begin by placing one of the blocks into the tube so that the spectator cannot see the orientation of the colors. The spectator is then asked to take the remaining triangle, turn it however they desire and drop it into the tube on top of the other block.

When you lift the tube, exposing the colored sides of the blocks, they are both aligned… their colors match on all sides. The tube and the blocks can be handed out for examination with no fear that the secret will be discovered.

In addition to the design modifications, this edition of the routine teaches an additional first phase and adds predictions which make the handling logical and deceptive.

Comes with all the necessary props and access to an online video tutorial. The props are not gimmicked in any way and the method is extremely deceptive and easy. Manufactured by Wellington Enterprises.

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Customer Reviews

  • The best taught and superior product of Lubor's effect bar none.

    5 Stars

    I have the 3D version of this trick but your new version is far and away the best taught and superior product of Lubor's effect bar none.

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