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Micro Chop Cup Kit (Steven Schneiderman)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

There is an age-old question/argument in magic: Which is a better routine? The Cups & Balls or the Chop Cup? The answer is simple, it is a matter of preference. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

What you get here is a mini Chop Cup set made from a common looking metal shot cup which can be found in many bars. Since these are so small you are supplied with a duplicate ungaffed cup which you can switch out if you like or use both of them for a two-cup routine. You also get two crochet balls and two final loads which are a miniature billiard ball replica and a billiard chalk. Comes in a draw string pouch. Look at the picture with all that you get.

Since the cup is around an inch and a three-quarters tall and tapers from one and a half inches to one inch, it is small enough to perform in the spectator’s palm or on the back of their hand.

Comes complete with a drawstring carrying pouch, two metal cups approximately 1.75"x1.5" (one chopped one regular), two crochet balls approximately .5" (one chopped one regular), a one-inch billiard ball load, and a .75” square non-smudge billiard chalk for a second load. No instructions.

NOTE: Each set comes with different colored balls and loads and will not be identical to the set that is pictured.

Media Type Shipped Product

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