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Mogar's Stainless Steel Color Changing Knives

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Joe Mogar is considered the best manufacturer of color changing knives that the magic community has ever had. Most of the magicians who perform this classic of magic use the Mogar Knives.

So, when Joe says that these are the best set of knives he ever made, we should listen. What’s different about them? In addition to all the improvements he perfected with all his other knife sets he made these completely out of stainless steel which will last longer and retain their look, feel and shine indefinitely.

But that is not all. The two contrasting knives are perfect. One is a textured black stag and the other is Mother of Pearl.

The three-knife set includes:
►A Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel knife.
►A Black Stag Stainless Steel knife.
►A Mother of Pearl/Black Stag Color Changing Stainless Steel knife.
►A Cloth carrying pouch.
►Written instructions for Joe’s Three Knife Routine.

Knife specs: Stainless steel construction, three-inch length, straight tapered handle, perfect balance, single blade, bolster on one end only, and Stag/Mother of Pearl handles.

BONUS: In addition to the shipped knives you will get access to a streaming instructional video where Michael Skinner performs and teaches you his Color Changing Knives routine (a $5.95 value). The video will appear in your media library immediately after purchase.

From the packaging, “You now have in your hands the finest set of color-changing knives ever made.” …Joe Mogar


  1. Michael Skinner’s Color Changing Knives

Media Type Shipped Product

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