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Money Printing Blotter

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

We found a small stash of these Delben-type Money Makers. I never knew these existed and it looks like they were marketed to the general public. They are hand-made of wood and are beautiful. Not sure how many were ever made or even offered for sale.

Since they appear to be all hand-made, hand-stained, hand-inlaid, and hand-engraved. They each look a little different… but all look great.

In case you are not familiar with the effect it is basically a switching device. So any paper or bill that you place on the tray will visually change into any other paper or bill after the blotter it rolled over it.

They were manufactured by Magic King in Mumbai, India and are called "Money Printing Blotter." The overall size is 4.5 x 8 x .5 inches (tray) and 3.5 inches (overall height). Even though they are gorgeous and work as they are supposed to, I would not call them perfect as far as being daily workers.

Unlike almost all other versions of this type of money maker the bottom of the tray, the bottom of the blotter and the gimmick are all covered with a thin layer of felt to look more deceptive. The edges of the felt have come loose on most of these, from age, so they will have to be re-glued if you want to regularly use it. As a showpiece or collectible they are perfect as is.

Media Type Shipped Product

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