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Perfect Peas

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  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Although there are many companies that manufacture shells for the three-shell game, they almost always fall short when it comes to including workable peas.

These are not just called perfect peas; they are perfect peas. If you currently perform your own routine and do not use these, you are missing out on what it is like to use peas that are manufactured specifically for this routine.

The Perfect Peas are made of an injection-molded polymer and are perfectly smooth and uniform. They are a bright green color that looks like fresh peas.

They are washable and never lose their grip. They will work fine on any type of surface -- even glass or marble. These are regarded by most professionals as the best peas ever made available for the shell game.

Working Peas: These are the soft peas that are made for all the known moves like the common steal and pinch. They help make the moves easier and smoother.

Straight Peas: These are duplicate peas that look just like the Working Peas except they are made of hard plastic and will not slide out from under the shell. So, you can switch them in at the end of the routine and your spectators can examine everything and will not be able to duplicate what you did.

Comes with seven peas. Five Working Peas and two Straight Peas. No instructions. Manufactured by the School For Scoundrels.

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