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Quad Spellbound: Silver Edition (Simon Aronson)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

As soon as I released Simon Aronson’s Quadruple Spellbound many of the coin magicians from around the world immediately purchased it because they always wanted the African Crown/Chinese Coin double sided coin.

A few coin magicians asked if I can offer a set using Walking Liberty half-dollars. So, Ted Bogusta and I discussed the possible combinations and he finally designed a coin set I am happy with. Simon’s traveling presentation will no longer fit but does open it up for other types of presentations.

The Silver Edition set includes:
A Silver/Gold coin with a real silver Walking Liberty half-dollar on one side and a replica brass half-dollar size coin based on the Morgan design.
2) A Crown/Chinese coin with a hole going through both. An African ten cent coin on one side and a replica Chinese coin on the other.

The coins have also been professionally aged and treated for extreme contrast.

If you already purchased the original this new coin will allow you to have two more changes for a total of six or seven, although it would require yet, uninvented methods and choreography.

This very limited edition is available in two varieties:
1) Coins plus DVD for US $95.00
2) Coins only (no instructions) for only US $85.00

For the original effect description visit the Quadruple Spellbound page: HERE.

Media Type Shipped Product

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