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RD Insta Lite (Henry Harrius)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is perhaps the best, easiest, and most visual Rubik Cube solve you will ever do.

The basic effect starts with a mixed-up cube that can be shown on all sides. You give it a few twists to make it seem more impossible to solve. And then… it visually solves itself.

The solved cube can be shown on all six sides and even handed out for examination.

The visual solve looks like trick photography. It is so visual that you will swear the stickers themselves are changing color!

Comes complete with gimmicked cube, gimmick, and access to an online video tutorial that includes many different handlings and possible presentations.

NOTE: The tutorial discusses how to make an extra gimmick using supplied parts, which was for a previous more expensive version. This version comes ready to go and does not include extra gimmick parts.

"RD Insta combines my favorite cube concepts and techniques with a thoughtfully designed quality gimmick that will give current routines a visual boost and open doors to many new ideas. Highest recommendation!" …Karl Hein
"I love it. So well thought out, it will make it so easy for other magicians to do this effect. (maybe too easy lol) I can't wait to start playing with this version." …Garett Thomas

Media Type Shipped Product

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