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Sponge Balls To Giant Die

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  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is based on the old ball to square, sponge ball effect, but with a difference. Instead of the finale being a cube it is actually a giant die.

Even though the instructions tell you that it can be done by pushing the two balls (a red one and a white one) into your fist and when you open your fist you display the die… These props were obviously not designed by a magician or even a human!

You see the sponge balls are three inches in diameter and the final production of the cube is a four-inch square! I don’t know too many people who can squash a four-inch cube into their fist and look natural… or even be able to close their fist.

But this is still great… even though you can’t really do what the instructions tell you to do. As in the original, the cube, in this case the die turns inside out so the white ball can unfold into the giant die while swallowing the red sponge ball.

It can be done while they are placed into an empty bag, a prop box, a borrowed purse or even as a visual transformation between your palms.

You get the 3” red sponge ball and the 3” white sponge ball that turns into the 4” die. It is actually a huge bargain for the price and I highly recommend it.

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