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Sum It Up (Doug Ries)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

These are just beautiful and are made of Maple and Oak woods with clear Plexiglass windows.

The routine is based on a now standard mathematical principle that has been marketed under many different names, variations and even as toys.

The basic effect is of rapid calculation where you show off your superhuman skills. Five wooden blocks with numbers engraved on all four sides are placed in this beautiful stand. They are placed in any order and position the spectators like. When they are done five, five-digit numbers are in view. As the audience starts adding those numbers by putting them into their phone calculators you immediately tell them the total which will be between 200,000-300,000. Can be repeated as often as you like with different totals.

You can also use fewer blocks for smaller totals. The method is easy and can be calculated by anyone who knows the secret within a few seconds.

What is very nice about this version is that the stand is double sided, and the blocks have been strategically numbered so you can also figure out the total of the front numbers by secretly glancing at the back. This feature allows you to present the routine as mentalism. After the spectator figures out the total and concentrates on it you can then read their mind and reveal the digits they are thinking of.

Manufactured by Doug Ries. It is made out of Kiln Dried Hardwood with the base made of Oak with acrylic windows, and the blocks made of Maple. Everything has been, sanded, stained, lacquered and assembled by hand. The overall assembled height is around 10.5-inches high and 4.75-inches wide, the blocks are 5.5-inches long and .75-inch square. Comes with written instructions.

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