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TUC Red Poker Chip Set (Marcelo Insua)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

TUC stands for “Tango Ultimate Coin” it is one of the great gaffed coin innovations since the shell. It also won a FISM originally award. It is basically a shell with a matching insert coin/chip. What makes it special are the strategic magnet inside the shell and insert.

While the insert is inside the shell it stays inside and can be tossed from hand to hand. When you need to get the insert out to show two chips all you have to do is give it a quarter turn using our thumb and the inner chip will pop out. And it can be made to vanish back inside just as easily.

This is an exceptionally well made using a poker chip shell made of plastic and a shaved down poker chip as the insert. The chips are red which usually signify a value of $5. Along with the TUC chip you get three matching poker chips. The coin set is ideal for the various Three Fly effects.

Since these chips are blank you may place a sticker on them to signify any casino you like. The routines you can do with them are endless since most coin routines that can be done with shells, flippers, and slippery sams can also be done with these.

Manufactured by Tango Magic in Argentina. Along with finely made the props you will get access to online instructions.

NOTE: Currently the online access includes free instructions to all of the Tango products and DVDs with more than 50 routines explained. Unfortunately since there are tons of uncategorized videos the best way to find what applies to your product would be to search using key words.

Media Type Shipped Product

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