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Joseph Dunninger Signed Blue $500 Checks

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Joseph Dunninger (1892-1975) is a legendary figure in the world of mentalism. He was the most successful and best known mentalist of his time. He was also a pioneer in performing on radio and television and even boasted that his autograph will one day be worth more than Houdini's.

Around 20 years ago I hoarded a stash of checks written and signed by Dunninger to Samuel Nirenstein. They were monthly checks from the early 1960s in the amount of $500 each. On the back of each check, in what is likely Dunninger's handwriting, it says "Continued payments to Chrystal Spencer."

At the time I purchased these checks I was told that Spencer was Dunninger's mistress and these were the rent checks which paid for her New York apartment.

Of course their relationship was much more complicated than that… More about their relationship can be found on the web and in newspapers and gossip columns of the time.

These are the actual checks that were signed by Dunninger and authenticated when they were cashed. They carry with them a fascinating story. I think every psychic entertainer should have one framed with a picture of Dunninger and use it as a conversation piece instead of me continuing to hoard them.

The Blue checks are dated October 1963 through November 1965. Boldness of the lettering and the pen type and color used to fill them out varies.

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