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Sherms Playing Card Ephemera Package

  • Product Type: COLLECTIBLE

The Sherms Magic Company was created by Robert Sherman (June 15, 1892 - March 28, 1969) in Bridgeport, Connecticut in the early 1900s and closed in 1968.

This is a grouping of some playing cards from that company that have been in storage for more than fifty years. These are not cards as we know them today. They are playing cards that are printed on cardboard and many of them are gaffed for various packet tricks and routines that Sherms released. These are just loose cards without any instructions.

I was able to salvage ten complete sets that contain 12 cards each as listed below:
Jumbo Red Spot Card/Black Back.
1-Jumbo Black Spot/Black Back.
1-Fooled/Fooled Again Jumbo Card.
1-Two Ten of Spades on one double card with blue backs.
1-Ace of Hearts and Two of Hearts on a double card with blue backs.
1-Eight of Diamonds with blue back.
1-Red spot/black spot double facer.
1-Split double facer with black spot on one side and red/black split card on the other.
1-Fooled/Fooled Again double facer.
1-Ace of Spades Super Playing Cards with blue back.
1-Ace of Spades Sherms Playing Cards with blue back.
1-Super Playing Cards Joker with blue back.

Get all twelve original collectibles for one low price.

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