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Magic Flashlight (Fantasio)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: STAGE MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is all the remaining stock of this precision made gaffed flashlight, batteries and battery shells purchased from Fantasio’s estate. It is a routine that he used in his act and on some of his television appearances. I have seen this sell at auction for as much as $450!

The basic routine starts out by showing a flashlight that does not seem to work. Thinking that it is a battery problem you open it to find that the battery compartment has a silk inside instead of batteries.

You remove the silk and replace it with two batteries. The flashlight now works as you blind your audience with its beam.

The magic part of the routine begins with you inserting your newly found silk into your fist. You wave your hand over the fist and when you open your hand the silk apparently changed into a battery. But, your other hand looks guilty and people assume that it contains the silk. Oh, oh… But you then open your other hand and show that it is now holding a second battery.

As a finale you try turning on the flashlight again, but it is not working. You unscrew the bottom to find that instead of the two batteries you put there moments ago you find the silk that just vanished.

Can be performed to music or with patter. Suitable for stage, parlor, family shows, MCs and even in formal close-up conditions.

Comes complete with a specially gaffed flashlight (colors vary: red or blue), four stackable battery shells (you can replace the existing graphics with any battery graphics you can get), two matching silk handkerchiefs (colors vary but will contrast with the flashlight), and written instructions. (Use your own “D” battery). Limited stock.

Media Type Shipped Product

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