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Crowd Pleasers (Rafael Benatar)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

Crowd Pleasers is Rafael Benatar’s privately produced DVD that he sells at his lectures. It features the routines that he performs often and likes to teach to other magicians.

The explanations to the seven excellent card routines and two excellent coin routines are all clear, detailed and with an emphasis of the whys as well as the hows. Along the way Rafael discusses some of the magic theories he has learned from the greats and how they are applied.

Routines include:
►The Favorite Cards Of My Friends: Two spectators name a card. You hand your favorite card to a third spectator who inserts it anywhere in the deck. Coincidentally the two freely named cards are found around the inserted card.
►Not By Much: A multi-phase routine where two cards keep transposing under impossible conditions and as a finally are found to be completely different cards.
►Hallucination: A random card momentarily looks like the selected card before it goes back to its original identity.
Once In A Hundred Years: A spectator freely touches four cards as you spread the deck. The cards prove to be the four Aces.
►4-Up: Four Aces are placed under the deck and they come to the top one at a time in increasingly interesting ways.
►Fax: A selected card is slowly buried in the deck and appears between two other cards that are held two feet away, just like a fax machine would do.
►Marmalade Plus: Four Kings are located by inserting the fingers in the deck as it is riffled. Another four Kings come out of the deck in the same way. The eight Kings are shuffled together and dealt in two hands. The player in front of the magician gets four indifferent cards and the magician gets four... Aces!
►God’s Coin Trick: You show how a coin trick is performed by a good magician, a great magician, and God. Eventually a coin vanishes from your hand and reappears under the spectator's watch.
►Crossed Destinies: Rafael's handling of Vernon's routine. Three coins travel one at a time from one hand to the other as directly as it gets.

Please note that this is a no-frills privately produced DVD-R. Produced by Rafael Benatar in 2006. Running time: Approximately 60 minutes.

Media Type Shipped Product

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