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Expert At The Card Table DVD Set (Allan Ackerman)

  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

The classic 1902 Expert At The Card Table book by S.W. Erdnase comes alive on this beautifully packaged 11-volume DVD set starring Las Vegas card expert Allan Ackerman with narration by Ernest Borgnine.

For more than a century, The Expert at the Card Table has been regarded by many magicians and card sharps to be the ultimate guide in achieving a high degree of card mastery. Often referred to as the bible of sleight-of hand with cards, this book spawned generations of card cheaters and magicians.

This multi-volume set of DVDs takes the techniques and concepts taught in the book and teaches them in great detail so you too can become an expert at the card table. You will learn false shuffling, false dealing, false cutting, skinning the hand and so much more.

Bonus features are plentiful and include an entertaining Prologue narrated by Ernest Borgnine, interviews about Erdnase's true identity with Martin Gardner, Richard Hatch, and Bart Whaley and a pdf of the entire text of Erdnase so you can follow along with the DVDs. The 11th disc also includes dozens of pdfs relating to Erdnase including The Gardner-Smith Correspondence, The Murderous Card Shark article, Was Erdnase Abdul Aziz Khan and much more. Also includes a booklet with indexes to all of the Discs' contents. You will not find a more worthwhile investment than this set.

Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by The Houdini Picture Corporation. Original release date: October 2008.

Media Type Shipped Product

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